Permanent Cosmetics


Have you been looking for a way to get your eyebrows permanently done? Permanent makeup eyebrows are a type of cosmetic tattoo that fills in the spaces of your brow to give the appearance of a full brow. Permanent makeup eyebrows are great for all ages (over 18). Permanent brows have been a great solution for seniors who have lost their dexterity and steadiness, making it harder to apply makeup and perform daily brow maintenance

3D Microblading


3D Microblading uses hair like strokes to create a natural and realistic brow.

Powder Brows     


Powder/Ombre brows have a soft makeup look to them and work great for clients with oily or mature skin. 

Combo Brows


3D Microblading combined with Powder brows creates a natural look with a little more fullness to the the arch.


Semi-Permanent Eyeliner


Creates a natural and more defined eye.

Initial Touch Up


Touch up "perfecting" appointment 6-8 weeks following initial procedure.

Yearly Touch Up


Touch up appointments are generally performed once a year. Price is prorated if needed sooner.

*Follow up appointment not included in pricing*



-The first session usually takes 2-3 hours.

-First follow up session is 6-8 weeks later

-Touch up can take 1-2 hours

-Initial touch up is $200, price varies after based on

length of time between original session.

-Microblading/Semi-Permanent makeup usually lasts 1-2 years depending on skin type and aftercare. 

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