Microblading Near Me

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows: Microblading 

Are you searching for Microblading near me in Raleigh or Wake Forest? Then you're in luck because you've found some of the best makeup artists in the state. This semi-permanent makeup tattooing technique has been around for years, and our staff is highly trained in the processes to create gorgeous permanent eyebrows and more. While the process is similar to getting a tattoo, the application, ink, and tools the artist uses are different. The instrument that we use in Microblading contains tiny needles that can scratch the skin's surface and deposit thin strokes of ink that appear hairlike when they heal. Although it sounds painful, don't worry, it doesn't feel much different than getting your eyebrows plucked because we always make sure to numb the area before we get started.

If you're searching for Microblading near me, then you probably have a lot of questions. No worries. You can set up a consultation, and we'll go over the process with you beforehand so you won't be sitting in the seat wondering if you've done the right thing. When you come in to get your permanent eyebrows, we'll make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. And when you leave, you'll be thrilled with your new look. Just think you'll never have to worry about using an eyebrow pencil again. With permanent eyebrows, they'll always look perfect, whether you're jogging, dancing, or hanging out at home.

While Microblading doesn't last forever, you'll only need a touch up once about every 12 months. If you were searching for Microblading near me, then it's likely you're ready to try permanent eyebrows. You can book online with FAB Studios. Whether you're prepared to take the plunge, or you're just looking for a consultation, we're here to help.