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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is trending today, and it's no wonder. A permanent makeup artist knows how to give you a fresh look that lasts from one to three years. What's not to love? You can get permanent makeup on your brows, lashes, lips, and eyeliner. Imagine getting up in the morning, having most of your makeup already in place!

At FAB Studio, our sole focus is on our clients. We provide exceptional service from a certified permanent makeup artist. Permanent makeup helps you feel confident. You never have to worry about smudging lipstick or reapplying eyeliner. Not only that, but a permanent makeup artist can help people who have lost their eyebrows from chemotherapy or alopecia. Losing your eyebrows can feel devastating. However, permanent makeup can fix that problem and help you feel good about your appearance again. We want you to leave our studio feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. To that end, we use all-natural, organic products, so you get beautiful results.

The best part is that the healing process is much shorter than if you got a tattoo. Although permanent makeup is a similar process, the needle doesn't penetrate as deeply into your skin. And the way the ink is applied is quite a bit different as well. Your esthetician will go over the process before you get started so you feel comfortable. And they will also give you care instructions to ensure it heals quickly.

FAB Studios remains on the leading edge of esthetic technologies. We use cosmetic techniques that enhance your beauty, not an overdone, drawn-on look. If you want elegant eyebrows, luscious lips, or cat-eye eyeliner that you never have to apply again, then take a look at all we have to offer at Fab Studio. Get permanent makeup by a professional permanent makeup artist today.

Powder Brows

Permanent powder brows or a powder fill is a natural-looking application that takes thin brows to fabulous—with no work on your part. Technically you're getting an eyebrow tattoo, but no one should ever know. It's essential to find a professional who uses the latest equipment and natural products to achieve the soft powdery look you desire. Your permanent powder brows should look like you know how to use a traditional eyebrow pencil, really well. The best part is that you never have to actually do anything. You wake up looking as if you spent some serious time perfecting your brows.

Powder brows are different from permanent brow makeup that you get with Microblading. As the name implies, with powder brows, you get a soft powdery look. On the other hand, Microblading gives the sense that this permanent makeup is actually individual hairs. Both techniques require a combination of artistry and science. The bottom line is that you want to make sure you work with professionals in the industry.


Are you searching for Microblading near me in Raleigh or Wake Forest? Then you're in luck because you've found some of the best makeup artists in the state. This semi-permanent makeup tattooing technique has been around for years, and our staff is highly trained in the processes to create gorgeous permanent eyebrows and more. While the process is similar to getting a tattoo, the application, ink, and tools the artist uses are different. The instrument that we use in Microblading contains tiny needles that can scratch the skin's surface and deposit thin strokes of ink that appear hairlike when they heal. Although it sounds painful, don't worry, it doesn't feel much different than getting your eyebrows plucked because we always make sure to numb the area before we get started.

If you're searching for Microblading near me, then you probably have a lot of questions. No worries. You can set up a consultation, and we'll go over the process with you beforehand so you won't be sitting in the seat wondering if you've done the right thing. When you come in to get your permanent eyebrows, we'll make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. And when you leave, you'll be thrilled with your new look. Just think you'll never have to worry about using an eyebrow pencil again. With permanent eyebrows, they'll always look perfect, whether you're jogging, dancing, or hanging out at home.

While Microblading doesn't last forever, you'll only need a touch up once about every 12 months. If you were searching for Microblading near me, then it's likely you're ready to try permanent eyebrows. You can book online with FAB Studios. Whether you're prepared to take the plunge, or you're just looking for a consultation, we're here to help.

How Much Does Permanent Make-up Cost?

At FAB Studio, we provide gorgeous semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and other cosmetic techniques that will leave you feeling confident. While you may want to try these amazing new services, you may also wonder if permanent makeup cost is worth it. Let's put it into perspective. If you buy eyeliner and apply it yourself, it takes time and skill. You have to do it every day and reapply it when it starts to wear off. Not only that, buying makeup products, especially quality eyeliner is expensive. Plus, the thing about applying makeup from tubes and containers is that you always run the risk of eye infection.

Now, think about the cost of purchasing makeup (not to mention time involved applying it). If you replace makeup when you should, you're likely buying it at least monthly. Now, when we talk about permanent makeup costs, you'll have an idea of its value both as a timesaver and as a purchase. When you book your appointment with FAB Studio, it includes a consultation to determine what style of eyeliner you love. We set aside three hours for your appointment so we can take our time and discuss every detail with you, and the price of this service is $475 (initial touch up additional $200). While that may seem significant, you'll find out that it's well worth it when you wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed, every day—always looking your best.

Imagine living without eyeliner smear or sparce eyebrows. You can jog, swim, play sports, and never have to reapply your eyeliner or brows. Isn't that like a dream come true? Go ahead and book your appointment with FAB Studio today, and get ready for a beautiful tomorrow.

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