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Permanent Makeup Artist In Wake Forest, NC

Permanent Makeup Artist in Wake Forest, NC

If you're searching for a permanent make-up artist in Wake Forest, NC, then don't miss out on all we have to offer at FAB Studio. At our Wake Forest location, you'll find Lauren Schroeder (FAB by Lauren), a permanent makeup artist in Wake Forest, NC, with over 20 years experience. Lauren is a highly skilled and sought after Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist with locations in Los Angeles, CA and Raleigh, NC. Lauren has built a reputation of tried and true customer satisfaction. Lauren ensures FAB Studios is on the leading edge of rapidly changing esthetic technologies, preferring to utilize techniques that result in a natural enhancement to one's own beauty vs. clients having an over done look. She understands the power of makeup and the technology we use in today's permanent cosmetics applications.

At FAB Studio, our permanent makeup artist in Wake Forest, NC, will focus on helping you feel relaxed and excited about getting permanent cosmetics. We use all-natural and organic products, ensuring you get the best quality results with high-quality products. Book your appointment online today and let us help you feel radiant.

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