Permanent Makeup Cost

How Much Does Permanent Make-Up Cost?

At FAB Studio, we provide gorgeous semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and other cosmetic techniques that will leave you feeling confident. While you may want to try these amazing new services, you may also wonder if permanent makeup cost is worth it. Let's put it into perspective. If you buy eyeliner and apply it yourself, it takes time and skill. You have to do it every day and reapply it when it starts to wear off. Not only that, buying makeup products, especially quality eyeliner is expensive. Plus, the thing about applying makeup from tubes and containers is that you always run the risk of eye infection.

Now, think about the cost of purchasing makeup (not to mention time involved applying it). If you replace makeup when you should, you're likely buying it at least monthly. Now, when we talk about permanent makeup costs, you'll have an idea of its value both as a timesaver and as a purchase. When you book your appointment with FAB Studio, it includes a consultation to determine what style of eyeliner you love. We set aside three hours for your appointment so we can take our time and discuss every detail with you, and the price of this service is $475 (initial touch up additional $200). While that may seem significant, you'll find out that it's well worth it when you wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed, every day—always looking your best.

Imagine living without eyeliner smear or sparce eyebrows. You can jog, swim, play sports, and never have to reapply your eyeliner or brows. Isn't that like a dream come true? Go ahead and book your appointment with FAB Studio today, and get ready for a beautiful tomorrow.