TOUCH skin solution concealer

TOUCH skin solution concealer


This concealer comes with perks

Get ready to perk up when you add the buildable, blendable YOUNIQUE TOUCH skin solution concealer to your makeup routine. This full-coverage concealer formula is packed with nourishing and conditioning ingredients like caffeine, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, and squalane for a good-for-you pick-me-up whenever you put it on. Plus, with 20 shades to choose from—including our lightest shade, Marquisette—finding your perfect match will be a breeze. 

An independent U.S. consumer study on YOUNIQUE TOUCH skin solution concealer showed most participants loved how this concealer performed. In their skin concealer reviews: 

  • 94% felt the concealer provided high coverage immediately upon application.* 
  • 91% felt their blemishes or other skin imperfections were completely covered immediately upon application.*
  • 91% felt the concealer covered the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles immediately after application.* 
  • 92% felt the concealer provided good coverage for eight or more hours.*   
  • 92% didn’t feel the need to reapply concealer during the day, and felt it looked as good in the evening as it did when applied in the morning.*

On-the-go touch-ups are a breeze with this face and body concealer thanks to an innovative doe foot applicator and travel-friendly packaging design. The applicator wand has a hollow reservoir that allows you to pick up the perfect amount of product and is designed with a flat and rounded side for precise product placement. From formula to packaging, the YOUNIQUE TOUCH skin solution concealer has all the perks you need to bring out your beauty. 

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